Height Pills - Safe and Effective Or Dangerous and Worthless? Troubling Findings

Published: 03rd August 2010
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Due in no small part to the ever-increasing convenience and availability of modern medicinal and supplemental treatments, people are reaching to pills for answers to every kind of ailment and affliction. But is it possible to really grow taller from a pill?

The answer, it appears, is that it just may be. But not in the way that most people suspect.

In the past several years an explosion of so-called height increase supplements have flooded the online marketplace, enticing consumers with impressive claims of growth and stature even in adults whose growth plates have long fused shut.

This fusing process occurs naturally at the end of every healthy human's puberty cycle and is genetically-controlled by specifically-timed releases of hormones. Once these growth plates fuse, there is no treatment known currently to science that is able to reverse the process.

Therefore, while it is possible to gain several inches of height even after the fusion of these growth plates, there are limitations to the extent of growth possible. Some people have reported growth of up to 5 or even 6 inches years after their natural growth cycle ended and most people can gain 3 to 4 inches utilizing safe, effective height increasing techniques.

However, the height pills offered by many small, unknown companies online make exceedingly optimistic claims that their products can help adults grow just by taking up to four doses of their supplements per day. This assertion is not just baseless in most cases, it can be downright dangerous.

"In almost every case of height pill supplementation we've researched and tested, in the best cases the pills were basically worthless. They're simple non-proprietary blends of herbs and other vitamins or minerals that can be found in some form or another in any multi-vitamin in any grocery store" explained Hayden Carter, an applied sciences researcher and author. "However, in some cases we've discovered that the companies don't clearly disclose the actual ingredients contained within the pills to the consumers and that can cause serious problems in the event that someone taking them is allergic to an ingredient contained within."

Carter's warnings of possibly serious implications of taking such supplements - which are often shipped in unlabeled or mis-labeled packaging from foreign countries - are shared by the United States government.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been tightening regulations on dietary supplements to protect consumers more and more the last ten years but its extremely difficult - if not impossible - to keep up with the overwhelming influx of new products flooding the market with their misleading claims.

Fortunately, new research has finally been released to the public that shows that these pseudo, fringe science height pills supplements are unnecessary and that the most advantageous methods of gaining height are entirely natural. There's absolutely no need to take the financial and/or health risks of using a credit card to order pills from foreign countries.

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